News Updates 2014-04-14 Alert: Admission open in BMC

About Us

Bodmas Model College, envisioned to become one of the finest colleges of Pakistan, has the vision to advance knowledge and educate students that will best serve the nation and the world in 21st century.

Vision Statement

To foster a learning environment where students are motivated to make learning an on-going life long process. We see ourselves as a multidimensional educational institution. Our aim is to prepare future leaders of society by inculcating in them a sense of pride in performance, as well as a high level of ethical and moral standards.

Objectives and Results

BMC focuses on institutional practices and student behaviours that promote student engagement and are positively correlated with student learning and retention.

Strategies to Promote Learning

BMC describes four key strategies to promote and strengthen classroom experiences:

  • Strengthen classroom engagements
  • Integrate student support into learning experiences
  • Expand professional development focused on engaging students
  • Focus institutional policies on creating the conditions for learning

Memorization vs Engaged Learning Model

We strongly believe that learning can only be enhanced by active participation of the students. Gone are the days when entire focus was on memorization. Students learn and retain more information and persist and succeed at higher levels when they are actively involved in learning rather than passively receiving information.

College Result

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